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National Board Certified HEALTH AND WELLNESS COACH
3X4 Genetic Practitioner 

Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant

Hi! I'm

Grace Buffa

I take the guessing game out of weight loss, increasing energy, reversing or preventing illness and disease by using genetic testing as a means for personalized health care.

Grace Buffa, Life Journey Coaching

My Story on how I Started my Journey

My  journey has started out over 25 years ago when I started helping people heal as a Physical Therapist Assistant. After 8 years of working in a busy Physical Therapy department, I became a mom and stayed at home to raise my children. Life looked good from the outside. On the inside, I had struggled with bouts of depression and had a distorted view of my body and did not have a healthy relationship with food.  

I finally found yoga two years later and my life changed. As I became a Registered Yoga Teacher, I noticed my depression lifted and that conscious breathing, mindfulness practices, was healing my body, and mind as the view of myself was changing.

At the same time my son was struggling with food and environmental allergies, my husband with high cholesterol and triglycerides at the age of 33.

I was now driven to find truth in why my family was experiencing these ailments, and what does it take to live a high quality of life and to age well without illness and disease.

So, I started to research nutrition, took my son and husband to many doctors to find no real results or answers. They were just given prescription drugs. I was not going to settle for that.

After 13 years I fell upon Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Ted Talk “I love Nutritional Science”. This video would change my family’s life forever.

As we transitioned to a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet, I realized this was the answer I had been looking for. This was the first time that my  body felt satisfied, balanced, and freed from the deprivation way of dieting and looking at food like the enemy all the while maintaining a healthy weight. My family was the healthiest they had ever been up to this point.

At this time, I had also found Dr. Joel Kahn through one of my yoga students. He has helped me and my husband find truth in why he was suffering from high cholesterol and triglycerides. We found this information out by using genetic testing. My husbands liver does not process cholesterol like everyone else's.

I discovered in essence when you nourish your body properly, practice self-care and stress management techniques along with having a positive mindset that this is the key to being preventative in your health and to live a high quality of life.

Over the course of 25 years I have been helping people heal in one way or another. I want to make a difference in the lives of others. I love to support others, and relish in success that leads to the greater good. I seek to add value in everything that I do and are often referred to as the “go-to” person. 


I found myself very passionate on helping people understand their bodies and become advocates for their own health. This is when I  decided to become a Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach.


I feel it is my purpose and passion to guide people through hope and healing to find being whole and free on the other side.

Why choose Me for your Coach ?

I love seeking information and knowledge – and not at a superficial level. I have the mindset of “there is always more to learn and discover.” I like to peel back the layers of the onion, always going deeper and looking for subtle differences and nuances that make a big difference and provide more meaning. Often I am viewed as an expert because of my depth of knowledge in Health and Wellness.

I ultimately bring solutions that people can trust and count on to be accurate. I will look to do things correctly simply because that’s what a trusted person would do. I take pride in delivering what I say I am going to do and I love being the trusted source. I believe that when relationships are based upon Trust, the sky’s the limit. 

I understand what it feels like at the end of a work day when you are tired and have no time to take care of yourself, or how you feel when you don't feel worthy enough and feel guilty if you do take time for yourself. I am here to tell you, that when you take the time to work on you, and take care of you, you are a better, happier, healthier, more loving version of you that inspires others to live the same. I can tell you by experience. You can have it all...but you have to learn HOW to find balance in your life. 

I am a Nationally Board Certified Coach I am recognized by the National Board for Medical Examiners and  I can collaborate with your medical team to help you navigate chronic diseases, weight loss, mental blocks, smoking cessation. I am held to a high standard and code of ethics for my clients and follow all HIPPA and Privacy Laws. 

Check out my interview below at the Self Love Summit . You will get a better understanding of who I am, what my struggles have been that I have overcome and how I help my clients achieve results.

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I help you build

healthy habits

that align with

how you want to

feel every day!.

I'd love to work with you







Grace Buffa, Life Journey Coaching
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